Product Features

Huge HDD Storage Option

Ares Vision offer one of the few mobile DVRs in the market that support traditional HDDs simultaneously with  SD cards allowing for a far larger storage capacity than traditional options.

Live Video & GPS Tracking

Plug & Play 4G option gives users a fast & easy way to stream Live HD video & Real-time GPS tracking directly on your PC & Mobile Phone! Only MDVR to support all Major US Carriers!

Auto Wifi Back up

The AutoWifi option backs up video recording automatically to a private server once the vehicle returns to a connection. This makes it easy for Fleet owners to secure their data.

True 1080P HD Video

Don’t be fooled by other MDVRs that claim to support 1080P video quality. Ares Vision is one of the few that both support 1080P & supply cameras that produce 1080P video. See the diffrence!

Camera Styles


Taxis, Limos, Uber, you name it! Mobile DVRs protect both drivers & riders in emergency situations by providing secure video recordings & location services!


MDVRs have been used for years on major public transportation systems. ARES provides an upgrade over most thanks to True HD Video quality!

Trucks / Trailers

Most cost effect use of MDVRs are tractor trailers & delivery trucks. From day one operators can keep an eye on drivers & reduce turnover & theft!

Boats / Wet locations

ARES provides waterproof equipment that can be used in most wet locations.  and thanks to our shock resistant MDVR clients don’t have to worry about losing their video footage!

Emergency Services

Public services such as Police, Fire fighters, and Ambulances need just as much protection as us. MDVRs provide accountability for all parties involved. 

Building / Factory

Yes! Even stationary users love us! Thanks too the SECURE 4 pin aviation connection locations that require a more steady video recording solution choose ARES due to our durability!